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Trusting In the Lord

Life is really hard to live when you are trying to balance it out for your own comfort. Trying to balance life, ¬†marriage, family, friends, school and ministry. ¬†I realize that God has a way of making things very uncomfortable while you wait for Him to address your prayer request and tend to your needs. It almost feels like he is putting me through a test, that has a multiple choice answer. A. will I try to handle it all by myself or B. will I trust and obey him. Being a person who has always been in control of things, I somehow don’t like the uneasiness of losing control. Trusting in the tangible can make one delusional to believe that tangible and materialistic things somehow don’t have an expiration date. I little joke to myself…( Smiling)

So now I am stuck in a dilemma where I have nowhere to turn for help, but to God. It is a God problem and there is no human being that can solve these issues of mine without the help of the Almighty. Today, marks a deep desperation of wanting to be vindicated by the God I serve. I often am astounding by His everlasting and unfailing love I don’t deserve because of my sinful nature, but yet Grace abounds abundantly. As I sit here waiting on the Lord and recite the most quoted statement ” he may not come when you want him, but he is always on time”. I wonder should I trust this saying or trust the words of my God who said he will never leave me or forsake me. Trusting in God is a mystery all in itself, I don’t know what to expect or how he will turn things around for me, but I have a resolve in my spirit that says… He won’t let me down. As my deadlines comes to a close, I wait at the finish line with all my trust in the Lord… He is the only one that will never fail Humanity….Trusting in the Lord to see what the end going to be… Evangelist Sakinah O’ Kane- Smith~ An Illustration of God’s Design

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