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Life is No Longer Valued


IMG_1553.JPGToday, the media is on a frenzy about the rumors of war and the countless unjustifiable acts of people who live in this country called America. I have so many mixed emotions about the senseless killings, meaningless words shouted at protests events, black on black crime, police crime on civilians whom they are hired to protect. Police setting up our innocent youth with deathtrap questions that leading the innocent into criminal activity with high levels of manipulation to involuntarily participate in drug busts and with no offer of protection from the neighborhood thugs who’s waiting on an opportunity to rid the makeshift snitch developed by crooked police who is more concerned with a drug bust and ranking status than the life of the innocent.   The brutality that social media has displayed on various networks are just out right ridiculous and erroneous with how helpless victims are portrayed as the criminal. Reality shows character paid to display their pain for a quick dollar.  As I scroll down the news feed all I have witnessed is fights between our black and latino youth and adults. However, people are steady recording the travesty,  but not calling for or doing something to help stop this reckless behavior from happening. No respect and random beatings of our elderly by youth, Pastors are committing suicide and yet we praise and show empathy to a star who recently commits suicide only to use his death as a catalyst to bring the sickness of depression to awareness, parents intentionally killing their children by leaving them in sweltering heated vehicles, dangerous and life threatening challenges pouring alcohol on their bodies and setting themselves on fire, holding their breath and chest to purposely stop breathing , setting potatoe chips on fire and eating them…Idle time is the devil’s playground! Lets not forget the ongoing promotion of reckless lifestyles that has created an extensive amount of havoc in the life of those who aspire to be just like those who promote it. The only question I have for all this is do anyone value life anymore? Why is there so much killing? People, this generation is lost and I wonder why haven’t the local church address these matters. Jesus was radical and he condemned injustice and this is why I wonder if the church will remain silent or take its rightful position and do something. I am reminded in Scripture in 2 Chronicles 7:14 IF my people who are called by name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways,then will I hear from heaven and forgive their sins and heal their land. The operative word here is “IF” It is important to know that we all are not promised tomorrow and that life should be lived to the glory of our God and viewed as a precious commodity. I am tired of seeing posts of empty church events with no power given by local celebrity churches. People experiencing emotionalism on steroid and no life change and under- developed leaders while leaving conferences with memories of how much money they spent at the event.The mission of God has always been given to the church and the church will miss it every time if we continue to offer some thing other than a life with Christ.Life should be the ending result of our ministry. Because of the “celebrity church ministry Syndrome” we miss the opportunity to witness to the people who are right in our neighborhoods. We can no longer hold titles that serves no purpose if you are not willing to do the work that requires such call to the title you hold. The integrity of the church has been damaged by poor representation and it hurts the witness of the church if the church live in their offenses and not the power that God has given to make disciples through this nation. God is so awesome with his grace that he gives us numerous opportunities to get it right will you take that opportunity today? Don’t use your pulpits and ministries as judgmental punching bags but renovate it back to the life giving place of peace and a safe environment for the brokenhearted and spirit. Jesus makes it clear that he came that we may have life and have it more abundantly. If you believe that with me stand with me to pray for our country, communities, nations, president and government officials, pastors, families and our youth which is our next generation. Casually we can not sit back and let life be snatched away from us by reckless conflicts. Life can only be lived once how will you spend it depends upon the decision you make to live life or let life live you!

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