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Everything Really?

Tired ,eyes slanted from exhaustion riding home on the last car of a New York #3 train. Struggling to keep my eyes open so that I wouldn’t miss my stop I began to observe my surroundings and my eyes began to wandered I raised my eyes to a sign plastered on the train wall that asked a specific questions ” What to give the city that has everything” Immediately, I thought to myself that’s interesting? and then I began to reflect on my experience of living in the “City doesn’t sleep.” I felt my anger rise in my belly at this question and thought to myself IF I or anyone else give this city another thing and that may be too much. New York City is a melting pot and it does not give a resident, immigrant, visitor, tourist nothing without a price to pay. New York is not really the place to get your start, without giving up everything you acquired some where else. You cannot live peacefully in this city, with new condos being raised up everyday with an defeated economy and household incomes unable to make ends meet, let alone find ways to stop the homeless rate that continues to rise, even the working individual meets the 200% poverty level. Give this city what? I’m appalled give it financial funding and city officials will misuses it and the unfortunate will still suffer with digging in neighborhoods garbage cans, sign and apply for an already denied applications from social services. The injustice that takes place in the streets, racial profiling not only with police officers, but in the workplace and communities. It is an evil that is overlooked for centuries.



This city only takes and never gives. It thrives off the Age of its system “Self” individualism has become the security blanket of this city. Self is the new trend that taken this city by storm… You see everyday with the self-help books and Selfie Pics etc.It has not always been this way but I’m just disappointed of what it has become.  This has been my observation of this great city that I love so much. For every option that has been provided there is a high price to pay to obtain it. Rich and middle class lifestyles will cost your savings and the longevity of an individual’s life in order to maintain it. Trying to make a dream coming true, you got to give it your all and make opportunities happen for you.Because in this city you Got to Know Somebody, Who Knows Somebody to get a door open to the aspiring actress, actor, potential employee of a distinguish firm, rapper, singer must I go on? Ask anyone who is successful with making their dream come true in New York. They all  live with the same testimony you got to be at the right place at the right time….

So I ponder on this question even further and I began to look at the ways that I have managed to survive in the City that has everything and gives nothing for free? As I looked for what or who has kept me from losing my mind after losing stable employment, materialistic things that depreciated in my care. I’m still searching for new ways to comeback to the life what I have recently lost. New York City is filled with all types of nationalities and statistics reports that there is 200 languages represented right here in this congested city. New York City can only offer what is within its parameters of the cultures, trends, and religions that are represented. I got a light bulb moment it was my Faith! that has kept me alive My Faith in Jesus Christ….Jesus who does not seeks to take but gave His life so we can live eternally. Jesus’ love has covered my sin that I may not every suffer  the death that he has so that I can live a life more abundantly.

So I answer the Question ” What to give the city that has everything?” I give you Jesus! the one  that can heal your land, mind, body and soul make you whole and take care of all your burdens if you just try Him, he has not let me down yet and he never will!

Unfaithful Confidentiality !

Look at her! all dressed up in a dazzling sequence dress of friend

blinding me what’s stuffed inside the dress. She said Hi my 

name is Confidentiality and I like to communicate in confidence “My nick name” 

as she smirked with one arching eyebrow.


She said you can trust me, indicating that you can indulge in close intimacy

she lured me in from a place of vulnerability

I was captured by her domineering presence

giving me a place of feeling sure

So I took a leap of faith in told all, hoping that she wouldn’t tell all

in my act of confiding trust

Intimacy grew larger as she seem more and more interested in me

and so I spill, dumped and open my heart to the possibility this can work

Until one day I saw confidentiality with that same ole dress

confiding in the person that I confided in her about

I was betrayed. I found out later she had a wrap sheet of spilling beans

for 15 minutes of fame…her mouth was like flames

flaming mouth

Confidence was confronted with committed words of my heart

your job is to keep secrets and communicate the surety of my safety.

But you failed!

Truthfully speaking underneath that dress you were dim and gritty

Pretty blinded by my tears. I couldn’t see that you were fake

You’re busted I exclaimed. You say let me explain I was angry and so I

Spilled the “Tea” green with envy. In hot water my true character steeped out,

can you ever forgive me? discern me! I am confidentiality? 

How To Detect Your Christian Friend is Your #1 Hater

Haters are going to hate. A haters primary function is to cast doubt and negativity upon you. These individuals can be identified in your inner circle, family member or a perfect stranger. Every successful step you take in life, those without an elite mentality will degrade your accomplishment. For example, getting a college degree, getting married or successful business. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but at the end of the day. If you allow yourself to absorb their mess for a split second then it will derail you of your progress. It has been mine and other people’s experience that these are some of the ways to detect the haters in your life.


1. Critique your every move and say ” If I was You”

2. Secretly comparing yours spiritual gifts and anointing with his/hers trying to impress others in your inner circle.

3. Gossips behind your back telling all your secrets to others ( even influence others to hate you)

4. Can’t celebrate your accomplishments Haters are unable to really express congratulate

5. They want to be like you!- Most haters are mad at themselves they hate the fact that someone other than them are doing the thing that makes them happy.

6. Suggest you put yourself in uncompromising positions so that you fall into sin just to please others

7. Bring other people’s hateful comments/opinions about you to your attention

8. Lie and say they support your ministry– always making up all kinds of excuses of why they didn’t attend your ministry events. The truth is they can’t stand to see you win.


10. Using their anger towards you as an excuse and reason why they told all your confidential information to other people.

11. Secretly Waiting for Demise- Haters always want to know your progress in life just to make sure you are still suffering ( ex. they ask detailed questions)

12. Won’t Give an Appropriate Compliment-  this is one of the hardest things for haters to do …Instead they will say ” You Think you Cute or Something”

13. Body Language signs of sadness when you succeed- Their behavior and body language shows that they don’t like what is going on

14. Haters will display content when they find you unhappy– they become more energetic or even smile. sometimes they even fabricate and define your unhappiness as God’s Judgment to your disobedience to him.

15. Haters, Hate on your Facebook Posts- A hater won’t like or respond to anything that you post even if it appealed to him/her.

17. Will try to discourage or warn you when you attempt to achieve a God Size Assignment Some haters will try to act like a friend who cares for you. However, those are the ones who will usually try to warn you when you attempt to succeed in life, ministry etc or do something that they didn’t manage to do.

You must understand that in order to detect a hater you need to find all of these signs and in addition you need to make sure that this person(s) is repeating them. In life whether you like it or not you will come across mean people in your life and that’s why learning  how to deal with them is one essential life skill that you must acquire.


How to Deal with Your Haters

1. Don’t Let your Emotions take Control–  Always maintain your composure and live a life of integrity. Jay Z once said ” A wise man told them don’t argue with fools, because people from a distance can’t tell who is who.”

2. Focus on People Who Cares Don’t try to make your haters your fan, don’t waste time trying to change them, learn from them. They are the radar and detector of what you are doing right. Literally let your haters become your motivators

3. What’s More important than being able to identify these sources of negative energy is your ability to never show weakness to them.

10 Reasons People Hate Me

Being honest is the best policy for sure…read and comment

Watch “The People Factor By Van Moody” on YouTube

The People Factor By Van Moody:

Relationships are vital to our lives and how we engage them is even more important


Peek A Boo I See You

Luke 8:17 for all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all..

How often do we pay attention to the things we try to keep hidden only to realize God will uncover those things that are concealed. Interestingly enough to believe that you own your secrets is just insane..Your Secrets is never your own…to avoid further sinful acts consider Transparency it will make life much easier then burning unnecessary energy covering your flaws,lies and secrets… Truth is the only remedy that sets you free! Drawing closer to God requires that we go before Him with all vulnerability and in a childlike manner…our brokenness is our strength made perfect in Him. God love us no matter what and that is all that matters….


The Handiwork Of God

For we are God’s(own) Handiwork(His Workmanship), recreated in Christ Jesus, (born anew) that we may do those good works which God predestined(Planned beforehand) for US (taking paths which He prepared ahead of time), that we should walk on them (Living the good life which he prearranged and made ready for us to live). EPHESIANS 2:10


Every time you get the chance, You ought to affirm and reaffirm yourself in the Word of God. I’m reminded of King David that when thing got to heavy for him and he was in a low place He would encourage himself…know that Nobody on this earth is a waste of skin. .we all have a purpose and plan for our lives…Christ Confidence is what we need to fight off negative verbal assaults with counter attacks with God Word and by reinforcing what He has to say about you…He Knows and See Us…We are his purpose and He give us Purpose…


How Does God Show us His Value of Us?
What do you see when you look in the mirror?…Sakinah O’Kane-Smith

Call OF God


Making life goals with God involve may be the most liberating and helpless task to do ? why you ask ? Because His plan ultimately overshadows ours. I dreamed of becoming an Accountant and For over ten years I worked as a Social Worker an just when I attempted to get a Masters degree in Social Work I was rejected from the school of my choice even while having a 4.0 GPA to filling out an application for Seminary at a Christian bookstore just so that I can receive a $30 book voucher….😍 Hey your girl loves a sale $$$ I earned a Masters of Divinity and currently working on my Doctors for Ministry degree. All of this was God’s call and His plan. I am helplessly in Love with God that I will follow His Plan and His Voice and His Call it is the only vocation that have greatest benefit package, the secret to obtaining this is to Answer His Call….


Then listen for job description and responsibilities and wait for the next opportunity to obey His call and then Ask…

Sakinah O’Kane-Smith

Its Just A Feeling


Waking up in the morning with this type of attitude can affect your whole day.IDK is simply fear of what’s to come and IDC is a contradiction to your true feelings. ..Stay True to who you are and know This it is just a feeling and it will Pass

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