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15 Things to do for the Lent Season?

What is lent really about?  Lent is, above all else, to prepare men for the celebration of the death and Resurrection of Christ…the better the preparation the more effective the celebration will be. One can effectively relive the mystery only with purified mind and heart. The purpose of Lent is to provide that purification by weaning men from sin and selfishness through self-denial and prayer, by creating in them the desire to do God’s will and to make His kingdom come by making it come first of all in their hearts.”

In My prayer time God started talking to me about how people have this season all wrong it is not about People vowing to give up anything, as long as it prepares them for Easter.  Although these things have become a distraction does not mean you are to allow these hinder your relationship with Jesus Christ.  How can we best prepare ourselves to really experience a God encounter during this time of sanctification. It is a season of God is calling you away from and pulling you into the things of God.


Here are some of the things I have highlighted: Calling Away and Pulling Into

1. Calling away from False- Self and pulling you into being Authentic.

2. Calling away from Hypocrisy and pulling you into Taking on Truth.

3. Calling away from Taking their word for it and pulling you into Study the Word for Yourself.

4. Calling away from being Self-centered and pulling you into being God Centered.

5. Calling Away from your Life and Pulling you into Getting Your Life.

6. Calling away from Facebook and pulling you into Getting your face in the Book.

7. Calling away from Natural Food and pulling you into a Spiritual Feast.

8. Calling away from Unhealthy Relationships and Pulling you into Healthy Relationships.

9. Calling away from the world’s Worldview and pulling you into Christian Worldview.


10. Calling away from Grudges and Pulling you into Forgiveness.

11. Calling away from Self- Importance and Pulling you into Humbleness.

12. Calling away from Negative Words and Pulling you into Speaking God’s Word over your life.

13. Calling away from Hearers of the Word only and pulling you into being Doers of the Word.

14.  Calling away from Religious Legality and Pulling you into Spiritual Authority.

15. Calling away from Bondage and pulling you into Deliverance.


There is always something worth fighting and living for when you know your were born for a purpose. words of Encouragement Just Do It!


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