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Who is Really Benefiting from Legalized Marijuana?

When I revisit a memory about Marijuana details is etched in my mind how neighborhood drug dealers would secretly pass their products in small bags to the customer.  The packaging changed over the years. As the world physically witness an illegal drug become legal. I often wonder how would this effect those who are addicted to the drug and the families that are connected to the drug user. Along with the various drug treatment programs , grant funding  that has helped and currently helping people recover from substance use. legalized weed I was watching  a familiar New York  news channel which had a special segment promoting the legalization of Marijuana in the state of Colorado. It is amazing how legalization can put a different “Spend” on something that was once bared the legal status as a  “controlled substance” go figure .

For many years and still today crime raids were conducted to stop the distribution and selling of marijuana.  The government went from being against drug selling to becoming drug dealers on a street level. I won’t touch the pharmaceutical  drug business. I realize that legalizing marijuana  was a decision made to increase the economy. clearly this decision will affect decreasing value of ones life.  If my memory serve me correct as I sit in complete horror I  have stepped into a sense of my past and I saw my baby brother handcuffed at a police station along with my mother that resulted from a drug raid. My brother was arrested and charged a stolen gun and nine grams of marijuana in his possession. I remember all too well I see my mother pretending to be a strong soldier in this cramped let me save my son mode trying to take the wrap for my brother.  This was enough for him to serve a sentence in prison. The family as I  have know it and had envisioned it for eternity in that moment was destroyed, incomplete just plain ole wrong and devastating.  In a deprived economy state my brother thought he would be the man of his home and help provide for it. But his intentions were misunderstood and my growing relationship was  lost  in time. Days, months, years of growing together that my mother and I had planned were redirected. As he swiftly taken away to served his sentence in prison. I too served years of that sentence of an ongoing temptation of selling drugs to get a speedy bail and get out jail free card for both my brother and mother. God had a different plan!

My question is What would happen to those who have obtained a criminal record from using and selling this stuff has become legal?

    marijuana Astounded by the increased level of public tolerance, because of the cushiony labels that has replaced the criminal description of being a drug dealer to colloquial phrases like “Budtender” and “Cannibas  Tourist.”

Marijuana legalization will continue to plague minority populations. As we as citizens of the United States of America sit back and watch suited up drug pushers in government trade places with the hood dealers and partner with Satan to legally take the minds of people.

Satan attacks the mind before he possess the body for his evil use. Marijuana is a psychoactive drug that is  designed to affect the mental activity and process of an user. Amazingly, the legalization has allows people to manufacture, store and sell in some places up to the net worth of $60 million. I would rather save 60 million lives opposed to giving them a pass to use a substance that can ultimately end their lives and the lives of others. Lucrative businesses are erecting everyday will we have ability to buy shares in such business as bud selling. Only time can tell…I just know that this is another way of saying you can do it as long as I get paid first.

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