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Emotional Deposit… Simply Me

Ok I am focused Now… I have been under fire with family, school, life’s demands and I really wished I could just disappear. Have you ever felt like that? I wondered if I just vanished like the rapture how would life go on without me. I’m wondering about the people who depends on me so much and even my enemies will they find someone else to hate? ( chuckling) that doesn’t matter really. Just a random thought…Honestly. I have tried and tried again but my heart won’t let my passion for writing go. I just can’t seem to shake this writing fever. I love blogging, sharing my thoughts, sharing my life and most of all the feedback from my readers… You guys are the Best!  There is such a sense of freedom when the “Simply Me” comes out. I wear so many hats these days boy I tell you I am even confused on which one to put on when issues arise in my life. Should I be the Pastor, friend, sister, mother or just plain ole “ME.”?

So I have decided to be me and would like to re-introduce myself…Hi My name is Sakinah and I am a loving, outgoing, funny, caring, witty, ambitious, think on her feet go getter who wants to live life to its fullest potential. I realize that daily someone loses their life and we often hear the sad stories wpid-img_20140127_090635.jpgabout the person who has gone too soon. So I am here to stay and while I am here I will like for you to share my world. I  invite you into my daily discussions on just about anything that comes to mind food, church, life, leadership  you name it I’ll discuss it….Woo hoo I’m feeling free already. One of life’s biggest challenges is to be authentic, living a false life will have you bound to lies and fabricated fantasy that would be hard to make a reality. Take it from me I heard it all and seen it all, it is just not worth it. Learning how to express your true self will come with a boat load of honesty with first yourself and then with others. Let your flaws be know it will paint a better picture of you as you go through life challenges and struggles you are enduring as you right your wrongs. And remember NO One is Perfect!. We all deserve a second, third, forth, fifth chance at life to change, to be renewed and be regenerated in some areas in our lives so why not go for it?

I know life’s demands are jabbing at you to invoking you to make an emotional and crazy  response. So I say think about how you will respond to life, because it will respond back to you depending on your decision. How will you respond to the hand life deals you today? Life is sometimes a gamble, but you are the MVP of your life team. will you get fearful and fold? or will you try to ignore it? or pull your boot straps up and face your opponent in confidence knowing that life won’t always this way.  Hey, let me share this with you God is calling us ceaselessly through every circumstance of life? Through every attack and every battle and Yet He is measuring every spiritual attack that the enemy is allowed to wield against us. So let me drop this emotional deposit on you… God uses every attack to help you to identify areas of needed growth and healing.

In your quiet time today? ask the Holy Spirit to clarify those areas that needs growth and healing and Journal it.

please feel free to comment and share your thoughts…. Love Always Simply Sakinah….

Everything Really?

Tired ,eyes slanted from exhaustion riding home on the last car of a New York #3 train. Struggling to keep my eyes open so that I wouldn’t miss my stop I began to observe my surroundings and my eyes began to wandered I raised my eyes to a sign plastered on the train wall that asked a specific questions ” What to give the city that has everything” Immediately, I thought to myself that’s interesting? and then I began to reflect on my experience of living in the “City doesn’t sleep.” I felt my anger rise in my belly at this question and thought to myself IF I or anyone else give this city another thing and that may be too much. New York City is a melting pot and it does not give a resident, immigrant, visitor, tourist nothing without a price to pay. New York is not really the place to get your start, without giving up everything you acquired some where else. You cannot live peacefully in this city, with new condos being raised up everyday with an defeated economy and household incomes unable to make ends meet, let alone find ways to stop the homeless rate that continues to rise, even the working individual meets the 200% poverty level. Give this city what? I’m appalled give it financial funding and city officials will misuses it and the unfortunate will still suffer with digging in neighborhoods garbage cans, sign and apply for an already denied applications from social services. The injustice that takes place in the streets, racial profiling not only with police officers, but in the workplace and communities. It is an evil that is overlooked for centuries.



This city only takes and never gives. It thrives off the Age of its system “Self” individualism has become the security blanket of this city. Self is the new trend that taken this city by storm… You see everyday with the self-help books and Selfie Pics etc.It has not always been this way but I’m just disappointed of what it has become.  This has been my observation of this great city that I love so much. For every option that has been provided there is a high price to pay to obtain it. Rich and middle class lifestyles will cost your savings and the longevity of an individual’s life in order to maintain it. Trying to make a dream coming true, you got to give it your all and make opportunities happen for you.Because in this city you Got to Know Somebody, Who Knows Somebody to get a door open to the aspiring actress, actor, potential employee of a distinguish firm, rapper, singer must I go on? Ask anyone who is successful with making their dream come true in New York. They all  live with the same testimony you got to be at the right place at the right time….

So I ponder on this question even further and I began to look at the ways that I have managed to survive in the City that has everything and gives nothing for free? As I looked for what or who has kept me from losing my mind after losing stable employment, materialistic things that depreciated in my care. I’m still searching for new ways to comeback to the life what I have recently lost. New York City is filled with all types of nationalities and statistics reports that there is 200 languages represented right here in this congested city. New York City can only offer what is within its parameters of the cultures, trends, and religions that are represented. I got a light bulb moment it was my Faith! that has kept me alive My Faith in Jesus Christ….Jesus who does not seeks to take but gave His life so we can live eternally. Jesus’ love has covered my sin that I may not every suffer  the death that he has so that I can live a life more abundantly.

So I answer the Question ” What to give the city that has everything?” I give you Jesus! the one  that can heal your land, mind, body and soul make you whole and take care of all your burdens if you just try Him, he has not let me down yet and he never will!

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