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A Friend is Like A Good Bra!

Finally In the most empathic way I asked myself the question What have I done to deserve a life with such continuing struggle?  I believe that we are created to be relational to all things created by God. However, there is a need to be free from the external and internal influences clouding out true desires that drives us to become islands, we truly crave to be seen, known, understood and valued to have someone to kiss our faces, hold us close, makes us  feel cared for and in a word “LOVED”.


Relationships are sacred because they provide life’s grandest opportunity. It is the only opportunity to create and produce the experience of your highest conceptualization of “Self.” Relationships fail when you see them as life’s grandest opportunity to create and produce the experience of your highest conceptualization of another…. No one can produce the real You but YOU!

Remember, Experience produces concept of self, conception produces creation, and creation produces experience. Life is an interesting exercise in defining what is “fun”.

I used this phrase because it made sense to me that Friends are like a Good Bra, one I wear bras and it is always good to wear a good supportive one at that, you don’t need everything hanging out for everyone to see…and it must be close to my heart, supportive, comfortable and lifts me up when everything is hanging low and most of all it makes me look better!

If you  want to make the most of love,you need to do your homework… This week just look at one occasion in any relationship, whether it’s with your Spouse, a Colleague, a friend or family member, when you Notice yourself getting angry or feeling unliked, misunderstood, unwanted or judged…Shift your perception by focusing on these three steps

1. Focus on something positive outside of the situation in the environment.

2. Find one or two redeeming quality about that person or situation

3. Instead of assuming something is going to be negative, say to yourself, “i’m going to whatever I can in this situation to ensure a positive outcome.”

Most of All Make the Most of Life’s grandest opportunities…Rev.Sakinah O’Kane- Smith

I’ve Been Framed !

A framework is often a layered structure indicating what kind of things can or should be build and how they would interrelate. Framework are sets of functions within a system and layers of an operating system that are interrelated. In which all have levels of standardized communication networks that is generally more comprehensive than a protocol and more prescriptive than a structure.

May I invite you on a journey about a movement called Christianity. It is a movement and not just a monumental event. It is a way of life that moves from level to level. For the believer of Christ its framework and basic structure is based on the Word of God.

Just like any recognizable skyscrapers that were ever built, the frame is its supporting factor that is build upon substructures and structures, beams and columns that fit together to form a building.  However, the most hidden part of the edifice is always the substructure, the unseen strength that enables a building to rise at its height.  As a Christian our Framework( God’s Word) brings structure and order to our lives.

In this life we lean towards the visible and the spectacular, we pride ourselves and measure our influence and accomplishments. Sadly, today we have more Christians focusing more on their Superstructures which represents the outward accomplishments of their life and ministry that is built on their level of competence and skills. Warning! superstructures cannot rise to great heights without perils that create dead spaces in the life of the believer rather than a foundation to build on. This is why the focus must always be on the foundation rather than the superstructure.

Our Substructure is the unseen foundation, where our true strength lies.We must have a deep and secure structure in order to lay hold our firm foundation.The christian framework should be build on a life of worship. A wise Christian does not neglect the substructures in their lives.

There are Five Specific Substructures that Christians need to guard in their personal life.

A. Relationships How do you do relationships. It is a time spent with family and kindred spirit friends. Time spent in fellowship with the community of God.

Motivational-picture-about-rebuilding-yourself-from-the-broken-piecesB. Mind How do you think today? Do you have a Christ centered worldview?

C. Money– How do you handle money? I was taught by a bible scholar Pastor Willie Dixon “that money is my friend and just like any other friend you respect it.”

D.Experiences– Have you come to a place of maturity where you can actually glean life lessons from your experiences?

E. Time- How do you do time? On what do you spend your time doing? Time is a precious commodity and should be managed well. Quality time with God is essential for the believer it builds your faith and relationship with the one true source of your strength.

Who we are, what we do when no one sees, forms the substructures of our lives. How we live before God in the fear of Him, held together by our humility, wisdom and perseverance is the only path to take that will allow you to get the full optimum of your life and to experience biblical prosperity. You have to willing to invest and cultivate a life work of excellence with a continued maintenance and practice of spiritual disciplines that guarantees growth of your substructures when they are anchored in God. When you live a life of excellence it makes the devil have to do two things. 1. Flee your premises or 2. Submit to your authority in God. a life of excellence shuts the door to the enemy’s activity in your life.

Let God frame you today.

Everything Really?

Tired ,eyes slanted from exhaustion riding home on the last car of a New York #3 train. Struggling to keep my eyes open so that I wouldn’t miss my stop I began to observe my surroundings and my eyes began to wandered I raised my eyes to a sign plastered on the train wall that asked a specific questions ” What to give the city that has everything” Immediately, I thought to myself that’s interesting? and then I began to reflect on my experience of living in the “City doesn’t sleep.” I felt my anger rise in my belly at this question and thought to myself IF I or anyone else give this city another thing and that may be too much. New York City is a melting pot and it does not give a resident, immigrant, visitor, tourist nothing without a price to pay. New York is not really the place to get your start, without giving up everything you acquired some where else. You cannot live peacefully in this city, with new condos being raised up everyday with an defeated economy and household incomes unable to make ends meet, let alone find ways to stop the homeless rate that continues to rise, even the working individual meets the 200% poverty level. Give this city what? I’m appalled give it financial funding and city officials will misuses it and the unfortunate will still suffer with digging in neighborhoods garbage cans, sign and apply for an already denied applications from social services. The injustice that takes place in the streets, racial profiling not only with police officers, but in the workplace and communities. It is an evil that is overlooked for centuries.



This city only takes and never gives. It thrives off the Age of its system “Self” individualism has become the security blanket of this city. Self is the new trend that taken this city by storm… You see everyday with the self-help books and Selfie Pics etc.It has not always been this way but I’m just disappointed of what it has become.  This has been my observation of this great city that I love so much. For every option that has been provided there is a high price to pay to obtain it. Rich and middle class lifestyles will cost your savings and the longevity of an individual’s life in order to maintain it. Trying to make a dream coming true, you got to give it your all and make opportunities happen for you.Because in this city you Got to Know Somebody, Who Knows Somebody to get a door open to the aspiring actress, actor, potential employee of a distinguish firm, rapper, singer must I go on? Ask anyone who is successful with making their dream come true in New York. They all  live with the same testimony you got to be at the right place at the right time….

So I ponder on this question even further and I began to look at the ways that I have managed to survive in the City that has everything and gives nothing for free? As I looked for what or who has kept me from losing my mind after losing stable employment, materialistic things that depreciated in my care. I’m still searching for new ways to comeback to the life what I have recently lost. New York City is filled with all types of nationalities and statistics reports that there is 200 languages represented right here in this congested city. New York City can only offer what is within its parameters of the cultures, trends, and religions that are represented. I got a light bulb moment it was my Faith! that has kept me alive My Faith in Jesus Christ….Jesus who does not seeks to take but gave His life so we can live eternally. Jesus’ love has covered my sin that I may not every suffer  the death that he has so that I can live a life more abundantly.

So I answer the Question ” What to give the city that has everything?” I give you Jesus! the one  that can heal your land, mind, body and soul make you whole and take care of all your burdens if you just try Him, he has not let me down yet and he never will!

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