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Unfaithful Confidentiality !

Look at her! all dressed up in a dazzling sequence dress of friend

blinding me what’s stuffed inside the dress. She said Hi my 

name is Confidentiality and I like to communicate in confidence “My nick name” 

as she smirked with one arching eyebrow.


She said you can trust me, indicating that you can indulge in close intimacy

she lured me in from a place of vulnerability

I was captured by her domineering presence

giving me a place of feeling sure

So I took a leap of faith in told all, hoping that she wouldn’t tell all

in my act of confiding trust

Intimacy grew larger as she seem more and more interested in me

and so I spill, dumped and open my heart to the possibility this can work

Until one day I saw confidentiality with that same ole dress

confiding in the person that I confided in her about

I was betrayed. I found out later she had a wrap sheet of spilling beans

for 15 minutes of fame…her mouth was like flames

flaming mouth

Confidence was confronted with committed words of my heart

your job is to keep secrets and communicate the surety of my safety.

But you failed!

Truthfully speaking underneath that dress you were dim and gritty

Pretty blinded by my tears. I couldn’t see that you were fake

You’re busted I exclaimed. You say let me explain I was angry and so I

Spilled the “Tea” green with envy. In hot water my true character steeped out,

can you ever forgive me? discern me! I am confidentiality? 

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