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Don’t Be Intimidated by Their Anointing !

         Anointing OilWhat is the Anointing of God? It is God’s presence and power of the Holy Spirit doing those things on flesh that flesh can not do. It is God’s empowerment to complete a task.  Today, the anointing of God has been so glorified by those who have witnessed the manifestation of God’s power working in others by way of their spiritual gifts and they begin to think, I can do that too?  The bible clearly tells us that the Holy Spirit gives at least one gift to believers. Spiritual gifts are given to the church to equip the body of Christ and to glorify God. It is for the perfecting of the saints to make then spiritually mature as they are unified in the faith( Eph. 4). Spiritual gifts were given so that the body of Christ would be edify through the work of the ministry. Every ministry is called by God to glorify Him right here on earth.  When the Holy Spirit works in various ways that can be perceived by believers and unbelievers, this encourages people’s faith that God is near and that he working to fulfill his purpose in the church and to bring blessings to his people. The work of the ministry is God’s provision to equip His children to minister to others, not for those in authority to be ministered too.  Over the years I come in contact with some very anointed people and I see them impacting the lost effectively while they operate in their spiritual gifts.  I often wonder why are they not farther along in  ministry then where they are now. In my observation I realize that there are some potential leaders and agents of change stuck in churches where the leadership does not recognize their anointing and better yet there are some that do and for some odd reason the person grows an insecurity towards the anointed person and becomes intimidated on how God uses them. Instead of embracing the gifted person they do every thing in their power to stunt the growth of the anointed person who has a desire to be used by God. I must acknowledge that the spirit of intimidation can be in operation in so many people groups, such as our friends, family, spouses etc.  As I reflect and highlight on my own personal experiences as I move towards a higher position in the church. I have learned valuable lessons from others on what to do and what not to do. Intimidation breeds false assumptions and judgment towards the one that is not aware of what they are doing to bring this kind of behavior their way.  Perhaps the spirit of intimidation has crept in the person’s mind saying ” you’ve have or will be replace from your position of authority, and the gift of God in you has been quenched.” Leaders can not train people to serve their personal ministries only, but train people to serve the church as a Whole.  Pursuing the wrong kind of power can put a stain on a person’s character. Do we not see that Satan seeks to displace us in order to regain the authority Jesus has taken from him.  Our Anointing is not for us it is for God.  Romans 11:29 reminds us that For God’s gifts and call are irrevocable. The anointing flows in God’s timing and it will proclaim His timing.  Our Call and Spiritual Gift have one primary purpose and that is to Glorify Him through his manifested presence. God has provided to his people one or more spiritual gifts for a reason.  There is no need to be intimidated by another’s anointing when you can rest on the promises of God and facts that he has personally equipped you for a specific job. He has a ministry assignment that He wants to accomplish through you in the Body of Christ… It is important that we grow the church worldwide, but it will be impossible if people remain in their sin and continue to sabotage a person’s spiritual growth because of the unwillingness to deal with the unwarranted anger, deception, un-forgiveness or bitterness in their hearts that is evident that the pursuit of the wrong power is better than having godly character. We can not do anything if we don’t pursue the power of God, we must not ever forget that we must continue to operate with a pure  heart.

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